• Dheeraj Patankar

    Dheeraj Patankar

  • Pradeep Chopra

    Pradeep Chopra

    CEO, Digital Vidya [Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, Digital Marketing by Passion]

  • Ajar Vashisth

    Ajar Vashisth

    Passionate about asynchronous Applicaitons and Trees!

  • Matea Djokic, M.S.

    Matea Djokic, M.S.

    PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. BS in Psych. Fish nerd. Nature lover. Crafter. I take my cat for walks. www.serendipitousbiologist.com

  • sushil kumar

    sushil kumar

  • Parag Dighe

    Parag Dighe

    Engineer, sci-fi fan, communication and signal processing enthusiast

  • Purva Huilgol

    Purva Huilgol

    Data Science Product Manager at Analytics Vidhya. Masters in Data Science from University of Mumbai. Research Interest: NLP

  • Prajakt


    A serial technology entrepreneur. Built multiple world class products and teams. Interested in history, politics, religion, technology, startups, UX.

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